Meeting Rooms Hotel ILUNION Alcora Sevilla

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Meeting rooms Ilunion Alcora Sevilla


Meeting Rooms Hotel in Seville

At ILUNION Alcora Sevilla we have cosy and comfortable spaces with maximum flexibility that can adapt to any kind of event. Our event rooms are set up to host company events and small meetings or gatherings. It is fully equipped with the audiovisual equipment needed for any kind of meeting. The close proximity of the foyer means there are adjacent places for people to relax during work days, or that can be transformed for cocktails or coffee breaks.


Maximum capacity 1000 PAX

This is our biggest event room and can accommodate up to 1000 people. It also has four simultaneous interpretation booths, making it the perfect choice for international conferences.

  • Classroom530
  • Theatre1000
  • Banquet620
  • Cocktail1000
  • Atrio 2 + 3

    Maximum capacity 125 PAX

    We can increase the capacity to 125 people by combining both event rooms. Ideal for conferences and courses, it also has direct access to the garden.

  • Banquet96
  • Cocktail125
  • Theatre125
  • Classroom85
  • U-shape56
  • Atrio 1

    Maximum capacity None PAX

    If you’re looking for a space to host a more intimate gathering, the Atrio 1 measures 30 m2 and can accommodate up to 15 people.

    Lobby 2

    Maximum capacity 200 PAX

    The Lobby 2 Room has direct access to the hotel gardens, perfect for coffee breaks. It is a large room measuring 225 m2 with a capacity of up to 200 ...

  • Banquet150
  • Cocktail200
  • Theatre200
  • Classroom130
  • U-shape60
  • CC Plenaria 2

    Maximum capacity 350 PAX

    With a structure identical to CC Plenaria 2, it can also accommodate up to 350 people. Request a no-obligation quote!

  • Banquet250
  • Cocktail350
  • Theatre350
  • Classroom220
  • U-shape70
  • Atrio 4 + 5

    Maximum capacity 150 PAX

    By combining these two rooms we can increase the capacity for your professional event. With 178 m2 we can accommodate up to 150 people in a cocktail layout.

  • U-shape48
  • Banquet116
  • Cocktail150
  • Theatre150
  • Classroom100
  • CC Plenaria 1

    Maximum capacity 350 PAX

    This event room has a capacity of up to 350 people and measures 365 m2, which is more than enough space for organising large events. We also have first-class audiovisual ...

  • Classroom220
  • Banquet250
  • Cocktail350
  • Theatre350
  • U-shape70
  • Galería 1

    Maximum capacity 75 PAX

    Our Galería 1 Room is one of our intimate rooms that doesn’t compromise on space (about 86 m2). It has a capacity of up to 75 people

  • Theatre75
  • Classroom50
  • U-shape32
  • Lobby 1

    Maximum capacity 350 PAX

    The Lobby 1 Room can accommodate a gathering of up to 350 people. Talk to our experts about organising any event at Hotel ILUNION Alcora Sevilla.

  • U-shape60
  • Classroom220
  • Cocktail350
  • Banquet200
  • Meeting350

    Maximum capacity 95 PAX

    The Atrio 5 Room has a capacity of up to 95 people and comes with state-of-the-art technology to get the very most out of your meeting. Ask our experts for ...

  • Banquet80
  • Cocktail95
  • Theatre95
  • Classroom85
  • U-shape56
  • CC Plenaria 1+2

    Maximum capacity 700 PAX

    Combining the two rooms gives us space for up to 700 people, making this layout the perfect solution for larger events and gatherings.

  • U-Shape70
  • Banquet500
  • Cocktail700
  • Theatre700
  • Classroom440
  • Atrio 2

    Maximum capacity 60 PAX

    The Atrio 2 Room has the advantage of offering direct access to the hotel’s gardens, perfect for attendees to clear their heads during intervals or coffee breaks. It is an ...

  • Classroom40
  • Theatre60
  • Banquet48
  • Cocktail60
  • U-shape21
  • Atrio 3

    Maximum capacity 65 PAX

    Also offering direct access to the garden, the Atrio 3 Room is slightly larger than the Almensilla Room, with a space of 71 m2 and room for up to 65 ...

  • Classroom45
  • Theatre65
  • Banquet48
  • Cocktail65
  • U-shape21
  • Atrio 4

    Maximum capacity 65 PAX

    With capacity of up to 65 people, the Atrio 4 Room is perfect for medium-sized meetings and conferences. Ask our experts for a non-binding quote.

  • Banquet48
  • Cocktail65
  • Theatre65
  • Classroom45
  • U-shape21
  • Lobby 1 + 2

    Maximum capacity 585 PAX

    Our only meeting room with natural light, it is perfect for accommodating up to 585 people with all the technical and audiovisual equipment you could possibly need.

  • Classroom320
  • Banquet362
  • Cocktail585
  • Theatre585